Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crazy Crazy

Well. Last week I officially redefined a crazy situation. My ex took out one of those Civil Protection orders against me. So, you know, I then have to go to court and defend myself...and basically the judge took one look at me and laughed at him thinking I am a physical threat to him. Also gave her my cell records...just to prove I wasn't the one calling him and hanging up. And he tells the judge
"If she doesn't have this order so that I know she is very far away from me than I am going to have to kill her."

Yes, he said he was going to kill me. In court. In front of a judge, bailiff, deputy sheriff, and probably the dad.

My ex is basically blaming everything that is wrong in his life on me. EVERYTHING. And I have had no contact with this man since before Thanksgiving other than at court hearings.

So I figure he is trying to make it so that if he kills himself everyone will blame me or if he kills me everyone will blame me. He is not very bright but he is very crazy. And I will honestly say for the first time ever that I am a little frightened.


  1. ruh roh

    le X has gone round the bend!

    Hugs, ac

  2. I'm sitting at work and happened to do a google search and stumbled onto this blog. This is almost identical to what I am going through. I am 22 year old now single mom of a 2 year old and an 11 month old. The chest pains, and sleep issues, all of that. Been there and still facing it... the best thing I can say if you haven't already gone to your doctor, do go. Because I have been dealing with this kind of a situation for almost four years now and it can get very overwhelming and stressfull. They gave me Ativan for at night and it helps alot with the panick attacks, stress and lack of sleep! Good luck to ya!